Tuesday, March 8, 2011


When I was a little girl, I watched the TV Show “Newhart” with my dad. 

Once that theme song came on, it was time with Dad.

Just recently, I found out how much that theme song has become a comfort to me.  I always enjoyed it when I was little, but now I believe it was the time spent with my dad that brings warm thoughts to that little ditty.

You know, if I ever visit Vermont, I FULLY expect that theme song to magically appear out of nowhere.  I will be thoroughly disappointed if it doesn’t. 

*note to self: make sure to download the theme song on your ipod, just in case….that is if I ever go to Vermont.

In the middle of the video, notice the little dog trotting.  It seems that he has the song in his little doggie heart as he trots to the beat of the music. 

What song do y’all have a special comfort in?


Rural Revival said...Best Blogger Tips

My husband and I spent last winter watching the original Newhart series. I think it's time we try this one out. I love that opening theme song!


krys kirkpatrick said...Best Blogger Tips

I remember the show. I think Bob Newhart is a very funny comedian.
My sister and I were talking last night...that we did not watch much t.v. when we were kids. When our parents watched t.v. we were suppose to be asleep!

Charity said...Best Blogger Tips

I love it!!! That and the Wings theme song! :)

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