Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mama’s Cookbook Shoppe

WARNING: This a shameless plug.  *grin*

 I don’t know if you have noticed that I have a shop on etsy; hence, the advertisement on the side bar of my blog.

What makes it so special?  Cookbooks

Lots of Cookbooks!  A variety of Cookbooks!

Old Cookbooks!

Cookbooks that are 20 years old and are part of your lifetime that you wonder how time flies…and wonder why you are that old that it would be called old or even vintage.

Oh, but there are a quite a few that aren’t part of your lifetime.  That probably makes you feel a little bit better.

I would like to introduce you to…


I named it Mama’s Cookbook Shoppe because when I think of recipes, cooking and baking…I think of my mom.


It was when I would come home from school, or doing homework in my bedroom, or coming in from playing outside that she would magically transform our home’s atmosphere with the wondrous smell of goodness coming out of the kitchen.

To me, it was MAGIC!  But really, it was the countless recipes she had learned throughout the years, and the countless cookbooks she had in the cupboards.  They created this MAGIC!

Can you tell I’m high on nostalgia? 


I wanted to create a shoppe full of Vintage Cookbooks that were used to create wondrous meals, scrumptious goodies, wonderful memories, and timeless traditions.


Here’s a few of my most Favorited cookbooks in my shoppe with their excerpts:HPIM6727 Aunt Jenny’s Favorite Recipes 1940’s

Calvin: "How did you ever decide what recipes to put in this book of yours, Jenny? Why, you must know thousands!"
Jenny: "Well, Calvin, I knew folks would want receipts (recipes) for every day - not too fussy or hard on the pocketbook, but good-tastin'. These sure are - an' so digestible even a child can eat 'em, for they're all made the Spry way."


HPIM6661 Heart Of The Home by Susan Branch 1986

"The recipes in Heart Of The Home emphasize simple preparation and fresh food and they will take you through the seasons, from a Fourth of July picnic to a Valentine's Day celebration, and from warming winter meals to light, summery menus. They are many times tried and known to be true." Susan Branch


HPIM6785Cookie Book 1977

"Here are chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, oatmeal and fudge cookies that are baked not only for children, but for everyone who knows that a house becomes a home when there is a jar filled to the brim with homemade cookies. And there are other kinds of cookies too; there are Delicate, Rolled, Lacy Ginger Cookies, Macaroons and Almond Crusted Butter Bars, Chocolate Truffles laden with Rum, and Pfeffernusse rolled in powdered sugar and left to season for a week. These are for the adults who have learned how to wait for the very best." Irena Chalmers


DSC_0058.NEF Watkins Cook Book 1926

"Simply call upon Watkins good old-fashioned helps to make each meal a splendidly different treat - even to the most jaded appetite... This little unpretentious book is an example of our effort to be helpful to you. Anyone could print a number of recipes on paper and call it a cook book. YOU alone could prove if it were, really... By using those superb Watkins 'custom-made' quality spices, flavors and baking powder, you create your own insurance against failure...”


HPIM6856Ceil Dyer’s Coffee Cookery 1978

"You'll find recipes in this book using coffee as an ingredient. Coffee adds its unique flavor to satin-smooth custards, sinfully rich puddings, elegant soufflés and frozen delights - all guaranteed to enhance your reputation as an inspired cook. Then there are the coffee candies, cookies and an assortment of subtly flavored sauces to transform simple ice cream and plain custards into glamorous desserts. You'll enjoy my collection of main course non-sweet dishes flavored very subtly with coffee. You won't taste the coffee, but you'll notice the enhanced flavor of the dish." Ceil Dyer


Each listing has a photo of a recipe in the book for you to sample.  Plus, I do give a short list of the recipes from the books.DSC_0061.NEF Watkins Cook Book 1926

So put on your…

apron copy

and come by and visit my shoppe and see what’s in stock and try out those sample recipes!


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