Friday, March 11, 2011

The Giving Challenge

Something has spurred me on.  Spurred me on to Give.

Little things I have read.

Watching a TV show.

Creative thoughts in my daily activities.

Memories of others Giving to us.

And even today’s tragic events.

What can I do?  How can I give? 

How can I encourage?  Where do I start?

God has spurred me on.  To go beyond myself and my weakness’.

To go beyond myself and my strengths.

This is my challenge. 

The Giving Challenge.

Join me in The Giving Challenge, as I challenge myself to give more.2768

Here’s what we can do…
The Giving Challenge Guidelines:

1.  Create: cook, bake, sew, paste, drill, paint….  This challenge is meant to use your creative abilities.  What do you love to create?  That’s all I’m asking, and what I’m doing.  Do what you love and go one step further.

2.  Give to someone once a week.

3.  Pray.  At the beginning of each week, ask God who He wants you to bless . 

4.  Post your Giving Challenge every Friday, on your blog.  Tell us what you made, who you gave it to, and what their reaction was, and so on.  If you aren’t comfortable sharing who you gave it to and/or their reaction, that’s okay.  Just share with us what you did to bless that person.

5.  Share your blog post in the Mister Linky that I will attach with my blog post of my Giving Challenge on Friday.

Will you join me? 
Invite your friends.  Let’s start a revolution of Giving
It’s what our Lord has asked us to do.
Bless others, and you will be blessed.
Give, and it will be given to you.”  Luke 6:38

If you need a little help on what to create; here’s a book from Gooseberry Patch, which was one of my inspirations for this challenge.  Click on the picture below to find it on 

It's on my list to buy!
Gooseberry Patch Recipes for Kindness (Ideas to inspire, delicious recipes to share, and heartfelt ways to give back.)


Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

love your post- i also love to create and to give- one of my latest projects is starting a prayer shawl ministry at my church- crocheting prayer shawls and helping to lead a group of women and young girls in crocheting and knitting on a loom to create items to give to the lonely, sick, hurting in our community- hope to bless others with this ministry- and to give God the glory- when others are touched by it- Pam

Gooseberry Patch said...Best Blogger Tips

This sounds like a heartfelt challenge...we're so glad you were inspired by our little book! Be sure to stop back by our Page on Facebook and share how it's going. :)

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

This is a wonderful idea...I will pray about it and return tomorrow to see if Our Lord is guiding me towards this.

Thank you for wanting to start this...


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