Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Giving Challenge #1

When God asked me to do this, I was really excited because I knew how much it would bless others.   


I was SO scared.  Why?  Because I didn’t feel worthy enough to take this on.

Here’s another but. 

BUT I knew God wanted me to do this.  So I pressed on!
cherry_border copy

I had a hard time finding who I wanted to Give to this week.  There are SO many great people in my life!
There was one person that has stuck in my mind that I really wanted to do something for.  She has blessed me by providing a house-cleaning job when I needed it the most.  So I started with her.

A Blessing for a Blessing!

So, can you guess what I did for my first Giving ChallengeBaked, but of course.
slice_of_pie copy

I made a Cherry Pie In A Jar!  The idea came from the blog “Explore The Cabin”Click on the link to find the recipe….a very easy, yet creative recipe!
For the pie crust; I used the Butter Pie Crust recipe from Aunt Ruthie from Sugar Pie Farmhouse

OH MY, that crust was GOOD and Easy, also! 

I have a love/hate relationship with pie crusts…but not this one! 

The Almost Finished ProductDSC_0011.NEF
THE Finished ProductDSC_0019.NEF

As I wrote out a card to thank her for providing extra income for me, I couldn’t help but feel complete GRATITUDE.

Of course, I was always thankful for this extra job…but in doing this for her, my heart was just smiling with GRATITUDE for her.  She was an instrument in God’s hands in helping me in tight financial times.

DSC_0021.NEFThank you Mrs. D.!

When she was gone, I left this on her counter as I continued cleaning her house.

She returned home a little earlier than I expected.  But with that, I got a surprised “thank you!”…and a “what do I do with it"?.

Oops!  I didn’t think to put instructions to say “This is your own personal slice of pie that you can eat right from the jar”.

*note to self:  put instructions on things that are a little out of the ordinary.
granny_with_pie copySo, tell me…what did you do for this week’s Giving Challenge?

Share your Giving Challenge story that you posted on your blog in the Mister Linky below.


Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

I am sending a care package to a dear friend in Canada. She needs cheering :)


Cora said...Best Blogger Tips

That was awesome! There is nothing like giving and the satisfaction as a result of it! You made a great gift and I know it was a nice surprise and was much appreciated!!

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

I visited your blog after seeing a comment you left on Gooseberry Patch. Please stop by for a visit at Syrup and Biscuits on Facebook and the blog at

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