Tuesday, March 22, 2011

facebook ban

Do you have a profile on facebook?

Do you spend countless hours trying to keep up with all your friends status’?

Do you send countless requests from your favorite facebook game…Frontierville *grin*…and annoy your friends?

Do your friends “poke” you and you wonder what the point is?

Well, I have a solution for you!

facebook ban!

Yes, facebook ban will save your life…literally!

You will find you have a life!

You will spend countless hours with the one’s you love…in person!

You will have time to play games with your family!

And when someone pokes you,

you can poke them right back with your own pointy finger!

Try it today!

facebook ban…let’s get back to livin’ your life instead of wasting it!


FYI: I have committed to staying off of facebook for the month of March.  It’s amazing what more you can do in your daily life when facebook isn’t there. 

Let’s commit to banning anything that replaces your relationship with God, family and friends.  Let’s get back to the simple pleasures in life!



Tina said...Best Blogger Tips

While I have no FB page, I have done the same for Twitter. Amazing how much time can be put to better use....I just posted on this today on my blog. I'm taking a 'techy' for the weekend...simplicity makes life so much easier ;)

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

Actually I don't have a FB account. I don't like it :)

Like Tina says...simplicity makes life so much easier ;)


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