Thursday, March 24, 2011

Giving Challenge #2

This Giving Challenge has been quite an eye opener for me.

Never did I realize how much I think of my own self, wants and needs until recently.

This life is not about ME.  This life is about serving God and others, as our God taught us:

wreath3 copy
Matthew 22:37-39
Jesus replied: ‘LOVE the Lord your God with ALL your HEART and with ALL your SOUL and will ALL your STRENGTH and with ALL your MIND.’  THIS is the FIRST and GREATEST COMMANDMENT.  And the SECOND is like it: ‘LOVE your NEIGHBOR as yourself.’” 
 wreath5 copy
Jesus and Others and You
What a Wonderful Way to Spell JOY
J is for Jesus, for He takes first place
O is for Others you meet face to face
Y is for You, and whatever you do,
Put yourself last and spell JOY
Giving Challenge #2
There is a dear lady that has done my hair for years.  She will never receive a payment from me, nor from my parents when she gives my mom a perm.
She has been a 2nd mom to me, and is a great example of humility.
…knowing how she LOVES to take baths, I chose a recipe straight of a Gooseberry Patch Book.
DSC_0038.NEF I had completely forgotten I had this book, silly me! 
The recipe is for a Strawberries & Cream Milk Bath.  DSC_0035.NEF The only problem is…I couldn’t find Strawberry Essential Oil.
So I went with the next best thing…Lemongrass!
#1  Pour 1 cup of powdered milk and 3/4 cup sea salt in a large bowl; mix well.DSC_0039.NEFDSC_0040.NEFDSC_0041.NEF
*psst!  I just had to point out the lovely vintage Pyrex bowl my mom has had since…well, you probably can tell.DSC_0042.NEF
Now back to our regularly scheduled recipe.
#2  Scoop about 1/2 cup of the mixture into a smaller bowl.DSC_0044.NEF
#3   Sprinkle 1/4 tsp. of your most favorited essential oil over the mix in the small bowl; stir well.DSC_0046.NEF DSC_0047.NEF 
#4  Add oil mix back into the large bowl; mix well.DSC_0048.NEF
#5  Store in an airtight container.DSC_0054.NEF I couldn’t believe this Goodwill find actually held the exact amount I made!  Perfect!
#6  Attach a gift tag with instructions.  Yes, I learned from my last gift.  Instructions can be pretty handy.DSC_0056.NEFI cut out a strip of colored paper and folded it.
Then I wrote a special note to the special lady on the inside and also the instructions. 
With the name of the milk bath on top, I punched a hole in the top corner to slip the ribbon through.
And Tah dah!
Lemongrassy Goodness in a JarDSC_0061.NEF
 Click Picture Below to find this Gooseberry Patch Book on
Gifts for Giving: Gift Mixes & Delights from the Kitchen, Plus Year Round Ideas for Wrapping It Up & Giving (Gooseberry Patch)

I dropped by my dear friend’s house out of the blue as she was preparing dinner.
We chatted for a bit, and then I handed her this Milk Bath.  With a, “you didn’t have to do that!”, from her and a, “yes, I did!”, from me, she opened up the jar and just said, “Mmmmm!”
With a hug, I thanked her for what she has done for us.
We just LOVE her!  God bless you Linda!
American Cookery volume nov. 1921 pic.jpg 2
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Gooseberry Patch said...Best Blogger Tips

What a thoughtful gift and lemongrass sounds lovely. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

I just finished doing a luncheon for a friend that is leaving the state. Yes, it was my gift to her for all she means to me.

Thanks for sharing!


Cora said...Best Blogger Tips

Oooo I love it! Lemongrass smells so good! I have this GP book and love it, I just need to get it out and use it!! Love and noticed the pyrex before you pointed it out! Got my own collections too! Love it so much!!
You are a good and giving person, now my friend! ((hugs)) to you too with many blessings!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...Best Blogger Tips

What a great gift! How much fun to make. I love the definition of JOY! I will keep that in my memory bank.

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