Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Love For Drying Racks…and Giveaways


Just over yonder, I heard that Homestead Revival is doing a Giveaway!

A Giveaway, I say, for one of my loves in life; the good ole’ Drying Rack

Ah yes!  Drying racks are wonderful!  They save money and help prolong the life of your clothing!

They are so wonderful, that the one I used to have plumb wore out on me.  That’s what I get for getting one from Wally world.


Homestead Revival will be giving away Forgotten Way Blog’s (a.k.a. very own handcrafted Pioneer Drying Rack.


So, get yourself over to Homestead Revival and ENTER by March 25th! 

HERE is more info on the Pioneer Drying Rack.

*Did I say Homestead Revival too much. 


Oh!  And while you’re here, I should tell you that Forgotten Way is doing their own Giveaway!

There is a DVD on herb’s that they have found very helpful.  It is called “Making Herbs Simple”.

Get on over to Forgotten Way and ENTER to WIN the “Making Herbs Simple” DVD.  

This Giveaway ends Thursday, March 24th.  I know, it’s tomorrow…but hurry, hurry, Hurry!


Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

I have 5 drying racks which get used quite often...they are truly a great help during rainy days and snowy ones too!


Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...Best Blogger Tips

I think drying racks are so cool! Glad I found your blog!

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