Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Giving Challenge: Revised Edition

Dear Blog Friends,

friends_havin_coffee copy 2

You may have noticed that I have not done a Giving Challenge the past couple weeks.

I have decided to do something different with it.

No longer will I post about who I am giving to, or their reaction.  I want my giving to be un-noticed.

What I do want to do on this blog, is show ideas of what others can do to give, and to also give encouragement in the giving process.

There’s a lot of “giving” in that sentence above, but you see (or read) my point.

The Giving Challenge is will still go on, and I hope you will be encourage!


Cora said...Best Blogger Tips

You know what is best and so it shall be. I believe someone is smiling down on you for this. Thank you though for the wonderful ideas and motivation! For it is more blessed to give than receive... :)
Blessings to you! Happy Easter too!

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