Friday, April 15, 2011

Mother Says…

RetroWoman2-1 “Make your bed first thing in the morning.  It motivates you to have a clean room.”

It’s amazing how true this is.

Once that bed is made, it makes your room all the more less untidy.  It makes you motivated to keep that room at it’s best because that is your room of rest.  Oh, that rhymed!

You know that feeling you get when your home is a mess?  It makes you feel down, and just plain yucky.

Get Up! 

Make That Bed!

You’ll feel, oh, so much better for starting your day fresh and gettin’ the ball rollin’!


Cora said...Best Blogger Tips

It's true, it really is! If my beds are made then my house feels clean even if I don't do anything else that day!! And it
s a good feeling too!

Jenny said...Best Blogger Tips

Love having my bed made especially with clean sheets. It is so motivating - I am working on making my bed every day before I go to work.

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