Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Farm Chicks Show 2011

I haven’t been here in awhile!  Whoa! 

Well, life took over.  Had some ups and downs.  And writers block too.

But, I thought I’d share some photos of my time at The Farm Chicks Antique Show!

DSC_0071.NEF DSC_0049.NEF DSC_0052.NEF DSC_0053.NEF DSC_0055.NEF DSC_0056.NEFI have fallen in LOVE with Teal and Turquoise lately.  You can kinda tell by some of my pics. :)


DSC_0058.NEFNever seen anything like this before!  Very cute!


DSC_0060.NEFThe Best Peanut Brittle Ev-ah!!!! DSC_0061.NEF


DSC_0063.NEF DSC_0064.NEFFun!  Yep!  It was!DSC_0066.NEF DSC_0067.NEF DSC_0068.NEF

My sister, niece and I spent 5 hours enjoying this show!  It was our first, and my niece LOVED it!


Here’s a little anecdote:

I wrote a comment on Serena’s blog about my time at the Show, and guess what…

She wrote me back.

(insert big smile here)

Here’s what I wrote:

“Hi Serena!  That's what I've should've said when I saw you at the show Saturday while I was running wildly (walking really fast actually) at a few minutes before 6 to see if some of the items I was eyeing was still there.  They were, but hated to keep everyone who was getting ready for your dinner.  Ah, it was a regret though.  I should of got an old printing press block.  Ugh.  Oh well.  It was my first show, and I brought my sister and 10 year old niece, and they had a great time!  Hope to make it next year! :D

Her Reply:

“Well we can just say Hi! now then :)
Thanks so much for coming. And, now you have a good "one that got away" story. :) We all have one of those!
I hope to see you next year.



Wanna go with me next year????


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