Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dear Autumn,

HPIM2893 Oh, how I have missed you!

You are the colors of orange, yellow, red and green that thrill my heart!autumn watermark

Oh, how I’ve longed for you!

You are the leaves that we hear crunch beneath our shoes!

Oh, how I’ve dreamed of you!

You are the beginnings of harvest and the smells of homemade pumpkin pie!HPIM5678

Oh, how I’ve hungered for you!

You are the leaves of different shapes and colors that show God’s wonderment!

Oh, how I’ve wished for you!

You are what brings my heart to a place of warm childhood memories!good housekeeping, child baking

Oh, how I want to remember you!

You are the fire in the hearth with a cup of hot apple cider and a good book!

Oh, how I’ve pined for you!

You are the candles I light that will fill our home with a glow and a warm heart!

Oh, how I’m lit for you!

You are a blanket I snuggle in when I watch Little Women!Little Women 15

Oh, how I want to see you!

Please dearest Autumn, come soon!AutumnTrees5x7 watermark

Yours Lovingly,



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