Monday, February 28, 2011

The Picture

The Picture, you see above, has a specialness to it.  Is that a word?  Well, in my grammarless vocabulary, it is.

I first saw it at a “ma and pa shop” I worked at years ago.  I felt a special bond to it.  But I could not find out why, until recently. 

Here’s the reason:


Ain’t I cute?

As a little child, I had a fascination with baking.  Funny thing though; I didn’t do much of it.

Why?  Because my mom was the best baker.  I never thought that I would ever amount to the skills she had in baking…AND in cooking.  There was one time she was actually going to make a cookbook, but it never came about.

My mom now has Alzheimer's.  We are blessed it is a mild case.  But we have lost a little bit of her.  And one of those things is her wonderful cooking and baking.

Now that I’m slightly older than that there picture, I have found a LOVE for baking.  Mainly cookies.  “Life’s Short Eat Cookies” is my motto…and my hips motto too.

Anywho, with my mom’s memory loss for baking, I have decided to take it upon myself to be like her.  Not just for the baking and the cooking, but for the commitment level she had in serving others.  And maybe, JUST MAYBE, I’ll be able to write that cookbook for her.

First On The Agenda:  To Tackle the MILLIONS of recipe cards, magazine clippings, etc. 


FYI:  Correct my grammar, if you must.



Sarah (In Wonder of it All Photography) said...Best Blogger Tips

How beautiful Heather! And what a special thing for your mom! Love you and praying for you!

Rural Revival said...Best Blogger Tips

What a wonderful post, full of love for your Mom and baking.

Thanks for stopping by, your blog is lovely and I look forward to reading more!

Be well ~Andrea~

PS. I never met a cookie I didn't like. : )

Linda said...Best Blogger Tips

Love your new blog!! Such a loving tribute to your mom. Visit my blog sometime, I am a newbe too! Blessings!

Jennifer said...Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for stopping by...
Looks like you are bound on a beautiful baking journey and I can not wait to read more!

Jennifer Robin said...Best Blogger Tips

My mom wasn't much of a baker, but she certainly cooked a lot of other memorable things. When she died 5 years ago, the only thing that mattered to me was her recipe box. Those old recipe cards in her handwriting are the greatest treasure I have to remember her by.

I too look forward to reading more. Your blog design is captivating!

The Simple Girl said...Best Blogger Tips

Thank you for your sweet comments! :D

The Simple Girl said...Best Blogger Tips

@Sarah (In Wonder of it All Photography)
My Dearest Friend!
Thank you for being my dearest friend and your prayers! Love you too! :D

The Simple Girl said...Best Blogger Tips

@Rural Revival
Thanks for dropping by my blog, Andrea, and for your sweet comment!

I've actually met cookies I don't like, and normally they are NOT homemade but store bought. yuck
God bless! :D

The Simple Girl said...Best Blogger Tips

Hello Linda!
Thanks for your comment on my blog! God bless! :D
Enjoy blogging!

The Simple Girl said...Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for your comment on my blog!
Yep, I think I'm starting on a baking journey! I'm getting those recipes order, and found some OH So Yummy ones! :D

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